Saturday, June 22, 2013

Power Ranks (1-5): S27

1.     1.   New Orleans
3 seasons ago BigTex put me on notice that the Jazz were going to make some noise. It turns out the noise was Championship music. Two seasons ago in a Power Ranks post I stated the thing holding New Orleans back was a lack of MVP bat and Bigtex quickly remedied that with the acquisition of Branch Garnder. This acquisition lead to a title which would point to me being correct ,however the defending NL MVP is E. Patterson who was on the roster that the time I made my comment…..whoops

2.      2.  San Francisco
BJB correctly pointed out that over the last 5 seasons he has likely had either the best or 2nd best team on paper every season and hasn’t won a title since S21. The scary part is during the game 22 annual prospect pissing content this perennial title contender took silver. The end of the Night Demon run is no where in sight. The one thing other teams can take solace in is the “Playoff Crap Shoot Factor”, all a team can hope for is to put itself in position to potentially win a title. 

3.       3. St. Louis
If there was a candidate for the next “New Orleans Jazz” it would be the Browns. This team has been built slowly and then augmented with a few key trades however has yet to see the talent convert to post season success.  The Browns are likely to secure one of the two AL byes which shortens the road to the championship. I have a feeling that if SF is bounced from the post-season this year it will by this roster

4.       4. Salt Lake City
There are a few owners in the world that can be counted on to create perennial contenders and Shmish is definitely among those ranks the S24 champs are off to yet another good start and have a roster built for title contention. Estaban Gomez entering his 2nd complete ML season anchors the batting order while providing gold glove defense in CF. A huge bat at a premium position

5.       5.New Britain
For the first time in as long as I can remember there are 3 NL teams in the top 5 of the power ranks.  I’ve often joked that the NL is Quadruple A and the jokes for years were well founded whenever a huge player hit the FA or trade market it was always an AL team that stepped up to secure the player as the AL was a nuclear arms race however in recent seasons that trend has started to shift and it shows in roster talent. 

      I’m a full paragraph in and haven’t mentioned the Yorkies. DJ moved to the NL and turned around a disappointing franchise in a very short period of time. Making the WS in S25, was likely a year or two ahead of schedule but they came within a win of DJ’s 4th championship. This S25 young roster has matured to become what will likely be a championship contender for years to come.

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