Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Iain

Iain takes over for Redraider who has decided to leave WIS. I know Iain through Moneyball where he was a former commish.

Name/Family Status: Iain (no really), married, new dad. COMMISH EDIT: The new dad is key, as it will explain in the future why he is responding trade chats at 3:30am

Age: 31
Job: Mechnical Engineer
Favorite HBD Moment: First HBD title, which was also with my first team (Fargo Rock City in Happy Jack)... though sadly not in my first season with them. Or even close.

Favorite Sports teams: Toronto Blue Jays, whoever is playing the Toronto Maple Leafs COMMISH EDIT: Hunter is starting to get over run by Canadians, by my counter we are up to 7-8. I loved his 2nd answer about the Leafs until it was later revealed he's a Habs fan.

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