Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AL vs. NL

After a comment to Timf on the World Chat I decided to dig a little deeper into the AL vs. NL numbers.

Below is a recap

AL won interleague play 100-92 for a win % of .520 (closer than I had expected)

AL Playoff teams went a combined 43-29 vs. the NL for a win % of .597 (Lou: 9-3, SF: 8-4, Wash: 7-5, NB: 7-5, Paw: 7-5 & KC 5-7)

KC was the only AL with a losing record in interleague......barely at 5-7

NL Playoff teams went a combined 39-33 vs. the AL for a win % of .540 (Balt: 9-3, Sea: 7-5, LR: 6-6, LA: 6-6, LV: 6-6, Phi: 5-7)

NL has two teams in the playoffs with Winning records vs. the AL: Baltimore & Seattle

NL playoff teams faced AL playoff teams in 24 games. The total series ended 12-12 (Thanks to Baltimore running over SF 3-0...... SF was the only team to be swept).

AL won 5/8 series but the 3-0 win by Baltimore was enough to tie up the overal record.

If the above was being scored the AL would win 3-0-1 (Better Win % in interleague, Better Win % from playoff teams & more series wins. NL eeks out a tie in Playoff teams vs. Playoff teams)

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