Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet Redraider68

Name: Dan

Age: 42 Married, 2 kids Fred (10) and Sammi (2 months)

Job: Associate Database Administrator for an online university

My favorite HBD moment: Will be the first time I make the ML postseason. I just missed the wildcard in Lasorda last season by 2 games.

Know anyone from Hunter in real-life: Bigtex1 and I are brothers.

Favorite Teams: Cincinnati Reds, Oakland Raiders (hence the screen name), Ohio State Buckeyes.

Favorite Player: I took over a trashed team in Lasoda midway through the season so I received the #1 the following year. Dewey Crespo is a perennial MVP nominee (no wins yet) but his resume does include 5 All-Star appearances, 5 Silver Sluggers, 1 Gold Glove and Rookie of the Year.

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