Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet the Commish

Name: Josh

Age: 29 (Married, first child due in Jan)

Job: Work in telecommunication sales (Engineer by trade)

Location: Waterloo, Canada (Yes, your commish is a canuck)

Favorite HBD Moment:

Winning my 1st Title in Hunter (S10), I had already picked up a WS in Monument Park but my Hunter team was my first team. It was especially sweet because I had blown a 3-2 series lead to Radek (a problematic owner) the previous year. Unfortunately my win came at Rockdawg's expense :)

Do you know any Hunter owners in real life?:

Yes, timf, beerman324,shmish & wolfhoundkl (original owner left after season 19. I've know timf since I was probably 8, him & I were in each other's wedding parties. I know what you are all thinking he was probably Bridesmaid (after 3 straight WS losses) all joking aside he was a groomsmen. Beerman324 I met at McMaster University, we were in the same Rez & then shared a house with 4 other guys for the next 3 years. Just like in University where I beat his a$$ consistently in Madden, I own him in HBD (85-51) as well :). I mention Wolf because he was another roomate in University & lived with Beerman & I. He also the reason I've met Shmish. Shmish & Wolf are friends in real-life and the 3 of us took in a Bruins/Leaf games last season. Shmish & I spent most of the game arguing over who was better David Reyes or Wendall Kinkade (the answer is clearly Kinkade).

Favorite Sports Teams:

Boston, Bruins (Champs), Miami Dolphins (Suck for Luck), Toronto Blue Jays & Toronto Raptors

Favorite HBD Player (which world):

Long-time Hunter owners know my answer to this question, as I've written sonnets about my love affair with Magglio Javier (Hunter LF- Seasons 1-10), 5-Time MVP (Hunter record) & 10-Allstar (Hunter record). The season 10 title was especially sweet because it was the last year Magglio wsa on the team prior to leaving for FA. So he left Louisville a champion. In true professional sports fashion when he was languishing in the minors in season 15 for Los Angelos. Randyrossac was nice enough to trade him back for a bag of balls so that he could retire in Louisville Red. He's since been inducted into the HOF.

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