Saturday, February 20, 2010

HOF Class Season 15

Will have to wait but deserve to join the Hall.

The first group of guys were the first ballot Hall of Famers the next four in my opinion also deserve to join the hall but will likely have to wait a couple years before being enshired.

Dan Miller: Miller’s hardware case is full: 5 silver sluggers and 5 all-star appearances to go along with 3 WS rings. A lot has been made of Miller’s fielding being sub-par for a SS. I have been among the detractors. However, I must say that mdukes made a very valid point when he likened Miller to Jeter (solid SS that’s a little light in range). The more salient point made by mdukes was despite his fielding warts it did not stop Washington from winning three championships. Combine the hardware, the stats and the position he played and Miller’s bust deserves to hang in the HOF

Andrew Wright: I believe CF and SS need to be evaluated differently than all other positions, as defense is such a premimum. Based on pattern for defensive ratings decline, SS and CF only have a limited time on top. Rarely does a CF or SS have the bat to justify playing them at another position so once their range rating drops below 75 their career is essentially over. This could be seen clearly with Wright, who IMO is the 3rd best CF to lace up cleats in Hunter, behind Garret Biggio and Pablo Chavez. With 4-All-Star teams, 2 Silver Sluggers, 1 MVP and a World series ring Mr. Wright has a quality trophy case. When you throw in the fact he provided above average defense for 7 seasons in the 2nd most demanding position it become clear he should join the hall. He will get my vote in the future

E. Javier: He lived in the shadow if his younger brother Magglio for his seven seasons in Louisville. However behind Magglio he was probably the 2nd most important member of the team. Javier brought above average SS defense with a strong bat to the table. Were it not for two 60 day DL stints for SLC, Javier likely would have cracked 1000 runs and 1000 rbis. Javier posted (4) silver slugger caliber seasons in season 1, 3, 4 and 6 however he was nipped by Dan Miller in all four cases. For the first 10 seasons of Hunter you could make an argument that Javier was the world’s best SS. The discussion would come down to Miller and Javier. The one you picked would be based on how you valued defense vs. offense from the SS position. Playing the most demanding position at arguably the highest level for the first 10 seasons should get E. Javier into the hall, unless we only want 1b/DH/LF types in the hallowed halles.

Shawn Owen: One of the most consistent pitchers in the early years of Hunter. With 2 Cy Youngs and 6-All-Star appearancse he probably should be mentioned in the same breath as Coleman, Ogea and O’Keefe. However for whatever reason he isn’t held in the same esteem. Owen will get his due when he eventually joins them in the Hall. Owen like O’Keefe pitched well late into this career at age 39 he posted 18-7 with a 3.35 ERA

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