Sunday, February 14, 2010

Career Records update S15

Hunter Career Records (S15)

Felipe Bournigal 2.70 - Roberto Santiago 2.93 - David Reyes 2.95

Pete Daly 240 - Felipe Bournigal 215 - Mark Meng 212

Felipe Bournigal 1.02 - Joe Ogea 1.07 - Roberto Santiago 1.13

Terrence Floyd 379 - Miguel Bennett 355 - Clark Connelly 315

Strike Out
Pete Daly 2628 - Felipe Bournigal 2372 - Mark Meng 1988 - Bob Creek 1987


Batting Average
Frank Zhang .357 - Footsie Morris .352 - Glenn McCarty .342 - Angel Bolivar .341

Home Runs
Lonny Iglesias 647 - Garrett Biggio 599 - Yamid Molina 564 - Magglio Javier 564

Garrett Biggio 1925 - Maglio Javier 1671 - John Stevens 1607

Garrett Biggio 2776 - Angel Bolivar 2735 - Abraham Cuddyer 2570

Runs Scored
Garrett Biggio 1811 - Angel Bolivar 1595 - Erubiel Molina 1591

As we can see on the blog the last update was done at the end of S13 and since than some big changes took place. Felipe Bournigal and Pete Daly are still on top of most pitching stats but a young pitcher stormed the career records lists with the best career start Hunter has ever seen, I'm talking about Roberto Santiago.

Back in season 8, 9 or 10 Bournigals' and Dalys' pitching records seemed unbreakable or at least very difficult to get to but with the way the new class of pitcher are performing I will have to change my mind on that idea. Roberto signed with San Juan as a IFA back in season 10 and has dominated Hunter ever since. So far after only 5 seasons Mr. Santiago started 178 games and pitched 1078 innings, that's an average of 36 starts and 216 IP per season. In those 178 starts he has 102 wins, 20 loses, 3 Cy Young awards, 4 All Star Teams and a WS Ring!.......I know Bournigal was the best SP Hunter has ever seen but I think Roberto may have something to say about that.......did I mention he's only 26 years old.

Roberto Santiago
San Juan
Ring to Rule Them All
Age: 26B/T: L/L
Born: Almirante, PA
Position(s): P (T2B)
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