Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hunter S27 - End of Season

1. San Fransico

I might as well write this in permanent marker another year another top spot

2. New Orleans

Defending champ gets his due

3. St. Louis

AL number 2 and won the toughest division in Hunter

4. New Britain

Two seasons removed from a WS appearance, a young team continuing to improve

5. Louisville

Rest cost the Sluggers the 3rd best AL record

6. Salt Lake City

The last of the 3 NL power brokers

7. Atlanta

Perennially underrated but always competitive

8. Pittsburgh

Underachieved during the regular season 

9. Charlotte

Power Rankings first.....non-playoff team in the top 10. 5th best AL record.....

10. Jacksonville

Off season acquisitions paid off

Honorable Mention

LA, KC, Boise, Cleveland

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