Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hunter Power Ranks S26-End of Season

All I apologize for only 2 updates this season. Below are the rankings I had written out at the time of the playoffs starting. The startling thing is the lack of movement in the rankings from Game 12 to Game 162 (I think I'm starting to get the hang of this).

1. San Fransisco (Previous Rank: 1)

I have a feeling at some point I'm going to end up with "1.San Fransisco" burned into my screen because I've typed it so many times. Once again the Night Demons are the team to beat headed into the playoffs. They are looking for their 5th World Series Title and have inherited the longest active playoff streak in Hunter

2. St. Louis (Previous Rank: 2)

I've been commenting in the Power Ranks for the last 3 seasons that it was only a matter of time until my Louisville Sluggers ceded the AL South throne to the Browns and for good cause. Jceffai has been patiently building his team via draft and international FA since his arrival. Browns v. Night Demons would be a heavyweight show down

3. New Britian (Previous Rank:3)

At the beginning of the season Djbradford call me crazy when I ranked the Yorkies 3rd. It's now apparent he was trying to throw off the "Power Ranks" curse. The Yorkies are the #1 seed in the NL and the defending NL Champs. Based on roster composition just from development alone this team should be 5% better than last year's version

4. Pittsburgh (Previous Rank: NR)

For years Dizz has yelled at me for over-rating his team. For the first time in years I listed to him and look what happens. Pittsburgh sports the 2nd best record in the NL but has to go the "Hard way" or as we in Hunter know it the "KC Way". Luckily for Dizz he sports a deep team with an incredibly deep rotation. His is one of the playoff teams that could legitimately roll a 5-man rotation and not really lose anything

5. Kansas City (Previous Rank: 5)

In the first power ranks of the year I said that this might be KC's last hurray as a title contender given the age of the roster. Part way through the season it looked like the charge might not come. I WAS NOT FOOLED!!!!!!!!! I knew they were a sleeping giant, you can ask Bjb I traded trade chats where I said I was trying to make trades to weaken KC's current roster so I could slip into the #6 seed. Unfortunately for me Ptowner also believed in his team and was rewarded with a playoff spot

6. Salt Lake City (Previous rank: 6)

The #2 seed in the NL provides the huge advantage of the bye. Shmish has proven over the years that he can successfully navigate the gauntlet that is the post-season. It wouldn't surprise me to see SLC back in the World Series

7. New Orleans (Previous Rank: 4)

I believe this is one of the cases where the talent on the roster did not equal the win total. The race for the NL pennant will be more interesting than it has in years as I see any of SLC, NO, NB or Pitts giving the AL a run for it's money

8. Tacoma (Previous Rank: 7)

Tacoma wins their 3rd division title in 4 years and takes home the #3 seed and is rewarded with........KC in the first round. The Narrows are a strong team but have had an unlucky run of first round opponents. With KC & Louisville fading I see Tacoma moving to #3 in the AL power ranks next season.

9.  Charlotte (Previous Rank: HM)

I commented to myself prior to the season that I was going to have to beat Charlotte out to get the AL #6 seed. As I figured KC had #5 locked up. It turns out I was incorrect Charlotte had the #5 seed locked up going away and is a good young roster. I expect to improve over the coming years and potentially push St. Louis for the AL South title

10. Philedephia (Previous Rank: NR)

The NL North was the most competitive divison in Hunter this season sending 3 teams to the playoffs. Hineiii managed to avoid the Power Rankings curse because of the lack of mid-season update. At the time of the post Philly has been eliminated by NO, but a great season none the less as I had thought Philly was too old. 

Honorable Mention:

Louisville, Augusta & Cleveland

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