Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ROY-Season 5

Season 5- ROY

Season 5- AL ROY- Willie Wakeland
ROY Team: Atlanta
Current Team: Altanta
Career Stats: 99-81 4.15 ERA
Awards: All-Star (S11)

Season 5 will be the year of the short review as both players still play for the teams they broke in with. Which does make these synopsis easier to write.

Wakeland took home the rookie of the year with a ridiculous 15-1 record and 2.9 ERA. Those stats represent the best stats for any ROY pitcher through season 5. Willie broke into the bigs at age 23 and is only 30 now. Wakeland was locked up by pfontaine through the end of season 17 at a very reasonable rate of 5.8M per year. So it looks like the next 5 seasons of his career will be very similar to his first 7 seasons: Stable.

His career ERA of 4.15 tells the story with regards to Wakeland’d talent. He is an above average starter but not an ace. On a championship team he’s probably best suited to be the SP3/SP4 which is where Atlanta has him slotted after I. Cruz and G. Baker.

Season 5- NL ROY – Juan Aguliar
ROY Team: Pittsburgh
Current Team: Pittsburgh
Career Stats: 174 HR 653 RBI .299 AVG .856 OPS
Awards: All-Star (S10), currently being voted onto the season 12 team

Like Wakeland in the AL Aguliar has spent his entire career with the Pittsburgh franchise. Dizz signed Aguliar for a bargain basement price of 7.4M for an international FA in season 3. Needless to say seven seasons later if Aguliar were available the bidding would be north of 15M.

He broke into the bigs with a line of 33HR 112RBI .330 AVG .995 OPS. His first season was so good he has never exceeded any of the stats above thus far in his career

Aguliar is currently in the last year of a 29.2M over 4 year deal. It will be interesting to see if Aguliar will re-sign with Pittsburgh or test the FA market. From a skill set standpoint Aguliar is slightly below average with the glove but more than makes up for it with an extremely good SS bat.

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