Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ROY Season 1

Season 1- AL ROY- Magglio Javier
ROY Team: Louisville Sluggers
Current Team: LA Baja Racers
Career Stats: 552 HR 1637 RBI* .318AVG 1.045 OPS
Career Awards: 9-Time All-Star, 5 Silver Slugger LF & 5 AL MVP
*Denotes Hunter Record

Having looked through the first 5 seasons Magglio Javier authored the best ROY of the year performance by posting a line of 56 HR 171 RBI 24 SB .315 AVG 1.153 OPS. This is not surprising since Javier is arguably the best hitter through 12 seasons of Hunter (Barring injury Frank Zhang will eventually take that title). Javier has had a fairly stable career playing ten seasons for the Louisville Sluggers and leading them to the World Series twice and winning the title in Season 10 his last season with the team.

In that off-season he signed a 4 year 38M dollar deal with Las Vegas (former Salem). After a slow start Ccustead shipped Javier off to LA for a 3 player package. S. Hunter, A. Velaquez and Bryant. Of the three Hunter should have a solid ML career, the other two players are destined to bounce between the majors and minors. The move looked at the time to be Las Vegas getting Javier’s contract off the books.

The deal worked out extremely well for LA, the parallels between Manny Rameriez and Magglio Javier are quite extraordinary. Both moved from the AL to the NL. Both moved to a LA team. Both played great down the stretch and lead their teams to division titles. With the Baja Racer’s late run to the post-season it meant that Javier was 11/11 in playoff appearances.

Javier is currently listed on the All-Star team for at 1b in the NL. Which if he made it would extend his record all-star appearances to 10. Needless to say the ROY of the year for M. Javier was a precursor to greatness as his name littered all over the all-time records list, particularly of note 2nd in HR and 1st in RBI.

Season 1- NL ROY- Erubil Molina
ROY Team: St. Louis (Now Augusta)
Current Team: Augusta
Career Stats: 239 HR 1053 RBI 441 SB .318 AVG .942 OPS
Awards: 6-Time All-Star, 3 Silver Slugger RF, 2 Gold Glove RF

This really was a banner year for ROY players. Like Javier, Molina is likely to enter the Hall of Fame for Hunter. Molina currently sits 3rd all-time in Runs scored and 2nd in SB. He has spent his entire career with the St. Louis/Augusta franchise.

To win the NL rookie of the year Molina posted a stat line of 21HR 94RBI 27SB .338 AVG.
Like Magglio the ROY for E. Molina was just the introduction to a great career with many chapters. Now not all ROY of the years turn out to be superstars as you'll see in future installments

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