Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Elite Eight

I can remember the first days of HBD like it was yesterday and we’re ready to start season 9, did that go by fast or is it just me? After 8 seasons I would like to point out some divisional stats, some pretty interesting stuff -

Augusta Caesars franchise won NL North all 8 seasons (2 owners)
New York Metropolitans franchise won the NL East 6 times and finished 2nd twice (once by 1 game)(1 owner)
San Juan TCB franchise won the NL South 4 times and finished 2nd in the other 4 seasons (1 owner)
Colorado Blasters franchise won the NL West 7 times and finished 2nd once (1 owner)
Pawtucket Patriots franchise won the AL North 7 times and finished 2nd once (2 owners)
Washington D.C. Generals franchise won the AL East all 8 seasons(1 owner)
Louisville Sluggers franchise won the AL South 7 times and finished 2nd once (1 owner)
San Francisco Night Demons franchise won the AL West 7 times and finished 2nd once (1 owner)

Hunters' Elite Eight (Aug, NY, SJ, Col, Paw, Was, Lou, SF). In 8 seasons these 8 teams have accumulated 54-1st place division finishes, 10-2nd place division finishes and 0-3rd place finishes.

The Super 3 - Washington D.C Generals 3 time WS Champ, Colorado Blasters 2 time WS Champ and San Francisco Night Demons 2 time WS Champ share 7 of 8 Hunter Championships.

These 3 franchises deserve to be placed on a scale of their own so next time you see one of these on your schedule make sure you have your best team ready. Scottsdale Aces came out of nowhere last season to take the WS Championship but will need to prove this season that they're here to stay, if the Aces repete as WS Champions we'll make this the Super 4.

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