Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moving Pitchers: S8 Relocation Report

This seems like the first time in a long time that we needed to find so many new owners. Three of the available teams had never been touched by anyone but their founding owner. The owners who just left combined for 13 Division Titles, 6 Divisional Championship Wins, and 2 World Series appearances. They helped make Hunter a great world. But who cares about them now? We've got 6 new owners who hope to do even bigger and better things.

Pawtucket Patriots (beerman324) formerly Minnesota Explorer (lets_try)
Lets_try had this team running smoothly for the first 6 seasons winning the AL North each time. Now, it's someone named Beerman to the rescue. Beerman324 actually joined our waiting list a few weeks before we went public meaning he wanted to be in Hunter. He's new to What if Sports and will try to get a good, aging team back in contention.

Arizona Rattlers (matrat101) formerly Arizona Thunderstrikers (thunderstrik)
Thunderstrik always kept this franchise pretty competitive and has claimed one AL West title in his seven years. Arizona's secret for success has always been throwing money at the good players and it looks like things won't be much different with matrat101 at the helm. The Rattler's have 113M budgeted to player contracts this season (most in the league). Matrat has his work cut out for him, though, being in that division with Scottsdale and Hunter two-time defending champions, San Francisco.

Augusta Caesars (carmandjr) fromerly St. Louis Clydesdales (jdbkaput)
This is the team with the biggest shoes to fill. Last season the Clydesdales won 109 games and, in seven years, never failed to win the NL North (arguably the best division in Hunter for a few years). Carmandjr is a newbie to HD but has been playing GD for a few months. The Caesars will probably still be the favorites to win the North this season but they have already faced some woes when a couple of his best pitchers ran to free agency.

Cincinnati Springers (firedock) formerly Iowa Bombardiers (KSBeachBums)
Firedock joins Hunter with two years of experience under his belt in the Williams World. His new franchise hasn't been in the playoffs for five season but they appear to be moving in the right direction. The rebuilding project seems to be moving nicely as Cincinnati has one of the younger ML squads in the league.

Tampa Bay Nice Rays (andreb) formerly El Paso Kamikazes (cliff357)
Andreb is the most experienced new owner having spent 3 season in F.Y.C. Unlike Cincinnati, this appears to be a rebuilding project that is just getting started. Tampa has the oldest team in the NL and only has 5 consecutive third place finishes in the NL South to show for it.

Los Angeles Baja Racers (randyrossrac) formerly Honolulu Hurricanes (redsox666666)
This is the one franchise in Hunter that has never really found a home. Randy is the 6th owner in it's 8 year existence and it's success over the last 4 years (.375 winning pct.) has suffered because of it. Tampa has the oldest team in the NL so this newb has his hands full but hopefully, the move to a big market like LA will buy him some time.

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