Monday, October 18, 2021

Owner Review & Trades/World Chat


Sorry for the delay was away since Friday with my son for a hockey tournament. I figured a blog post would be a better forum instead of getting it buried in the chat. 

1) Owner Reviews

As per league rules any owners with back to back seasons with more than 105 lossses come up for commissioner review. These reviews have been completed but haven't been publicly posted. As I stated before moving forward any owner reviews will be posted in the chat. With timf as previously stated, at 3-28, he was flagged that he would be in jeopardy of following into a commissioner review. Subsequent to that timf record dramatically improved and did not end up with the first overall pick. As a result I made the decision to allow him to stay. 

At the time several owners reached out to me regarding timf start. Several of the same owners that have been active in the forums. I responded to all trade chats and gave updates on the situation. It was at that point I considered the situation resolved. 

2) Trades and World Chat

Hunter is an extremely active trade world. As a commissioner my stance on trades has always been if there is two willing owners unless there is obvious collusion I never veto a trade. This is because every owner values their players and trades differently. With some recent seasons having over 100 trades there will be more than a few you likely disagree with or become jealous of, I know I do. 

With respect to the world chat the thing I find most confusing and frustrating in relation to the Vancouver-Augusta trade, was the time to discuss the merits of the trade was while it was pending. I know I saw the trade and was jealous of timf for having landed an ace but reviewed the trade and thought I might have offered more but it wasn't a bad trade on the merit then moved on with my day. 

Augusta not assigning the players isn't great but I don't think that creates a scenario to relitigate a trade and start tossing out allegations and questioning the ethics and morals of other owners.

I reached out to carmanjr and he stated this was likely a sign that he needed to move on from HBD because he wasn't invested the way he should be. Bigalric has agreed to return the players but at this point I can't get carmanjr to respond. I also suspect for a potential outgoing owner the bruhaha likely didn't increase his engagement. 

As an owner I am jealous that I didn't get Mench but the time to have the discussion around Mench was the time of trade not a week afterwards. That said, I don't think there was a discussion because timf did give up a lot to get him. 

I welcome conversations about trades while they are pending especially if something seems off, however I do ask that in any conversations owners are respectful of other owners and that other owners may value players differently. 

I always always recommend if you are moving a star to post it in the chat to try and maximize your deal. With that said I know there have been times that players have been posted and have gone for less than what other owners feel they offered. Once again not all GM eyes match. 

If any owners have any concerns on the above please feel free to sitemail or trade chat. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Trader Catfish Hunter

 As many have noticed this season has been an extremely active year for trades within Hunter. However, for those who have been around since the beginning, know that Hunter has always been an active world in relation to trades. 

Whether your selling or buying there is normally an owner willing to facilitate your needs. Below are some fun stats in relation to Hunter's active trade history. 

Hunter started out hot and heavy with deals from day one. Season 1 saw 60 trades and every season had more than 30 deals until Season 23. 

Per Decade of Hunter 

(1-10): Averaged: 53 trades a season

(11-20): Averaged: 45.2 trades a season

(21-30): Averaged: 29.6 trades a season

(31-40): Averaged: 23.1 trades a season (This is our low water decade which would still rate as an above average trade market)

(41-50): Averaged: 33.9 trades 

(51-54 so far): Averaged 33.5 trades

Average ALL seasons: 36.7 trades

The record for most trades in a season league wide was season 10 with (66). The league cracked 60 trades two other times in season 1 (60) and season 7 (61). Since the record setting season 10, the highest season has been (54) in seasons 20, 22 and 45. 

The lowest number of trades made occurred in season 31 with (12). There have only been 9 seasons with less than 20 trades. Most of which occurred during the S31-40 decade (7 times). Not sure what happened to everyone else in that period. I know I became less active. As I call those my lost HBD years (2 children were born)

Thus far this season there has been 41 trades processed or accept, which would rate it has the 24th highest trade season in Hunter History. To crack the top 10, another 10 trades would have to be made. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Ode to Josias Morales

 Every season in the retirements section I like to sort by the oldest player to retire because normally the oldest player to retire is a Hunter legend or at least someone who put together a great career. Call it early scouting for the HOF ballot. 

This year the oldest player to retire was Josias Morales at the age of 45..... which caught my eye because normally the oldest is like 40-42. So I assumed Morales had to be an NL legend that I was unaware of and in some ways he is. That said I spent way too much time digging into the Legend of Josais Morales so I figured I should at least share

Hailing from  San Luis Rio Colorado Mx, Morales signed as an international free-agent with the Portland Pigeons....... I never remember Hunter having a team called the Portland Pigeons but they did exist for 1 season, as the now Augusta franchise spent (4) seasons bouncing around from Cincy to Portland Helena to Dover before the steady ownership of carmanjr was put into place. Anyone remember the Dover Dragons.

Morales started at Low A in season 30 and finished the season 1-8, going 12/18 Sv opps and sported a 4.85 ERA. It was a rough start for the 22 year old rookie but hey he was doing what he loved playing baseball. 

Josias rode buses and stayed at it starting  S31 at Low A before being jumped to AA at mid-season. Speaking with him at the end of his career he was surprised not only by the promotion but skipping over Hi A and then being inserted as the closer for Cincy's AA team. He ended the season going 12/17 and an ERA of 5.28.  

Sure it was a rough first year in  AA but he had always dreamed of being a ML closer so he figured he was all set only 2 levels from the bigs at age 24. The off-season saw another move for the franchise to Helena and new management saw Morales future very differently. he was taken out of the closer role and turned into a Set B but moved up to AAA and after some early success really struggled in his new role with his ERA jumping to 6.42 and 5.47 over the next two seasons. The franchise had moved once again to Helena before finally moving to Augusta for S35. 

This is where the past grows hazy and Morales is reluctant to discuss what exactly happened. As a 27 year old at AAA Morales had his best season at that level posting a 3.93 ERA. 

Then poof S36 disappear while under contract with Augusta Josias did not pitch a single game. Rumors of drugs, woman and alcohol issues all swirled. The most consistent rumor was that Morales had been caught in an illegal cock fighting ring during the off-season and he was suspended with pay for S36. At this point we may never know the truth. What ever the truth was it took him years to repair his reputation as he pitched a combined  8 innings in S37-S39. 

A lot of people would consider this a cross-roads, you're 32 years old you've been riding buses for a decade and you are averaging 2 IP per season. This is where a lot of people would walk away, go find a real job but NOT Josias Morales. This is where the legend grows he doubled down on his attempt to make the major leagues and committed himself to a conditioning regiment of taking the stairs instead of the elevator at his apartment building and this dedication paid off immediately. Ripping off a 5 year stretch of sub 4 ERAs before having his best season ever in S45 with a 2.83 ERA.

Morales always spoke highly of  the Augusta franchise but you can tell he felt like that was when he should have gotten a call to the bigs and that disappointment clouded the rest of his career. His ERA spiked to 6.10 and 4.98 in S46 and S47. 

Morales at this point is no longer a young man and once again no one would have faulted the then 41 year old from walking away. Instead he once again re-committed himself and started taking the stairs again and cut his smoking down to half a pack a day. This resulted in a turn back the clock season for the ages the 41 year old who was now older than some of the parents of his teammates posted his best career ERA of 1.71 ERA. 

But like a star that shines brightest just before it explodes that was the last highlight for Morales who ERA balloned to 6.17 and 4.76. He kept playing hoping to finally either make the bigs or at least participate in a minor league playoff game, but it was not meant to be. 

At the end of S51 he was informed that he was being sent down to AA, a level he hadn't pitched at since he was 23 year old. Management wanted him to be a role model for the kids so he agreed to stay but his heart wasn't in it and he posted a career worst 9.92 ERA. 

And with that Josias Morales walked away from baseball and into the sunset. I asked if he would be back as a coach, he commented that it was all still too raw for him to deal with. 23 seasons is a long time to not make the majors and never make the playoffs. 

I for one expect him to be back baseball is in his blood you don't ride buses for 4 seasons to pitch 8 total innings if you don't love it. 

In the end Josias Morales made 1.5 million dollars playing baseball for 23 seasons and ended his career with a 4.29 ERA and 617 IP pitched. While he never won an award, or made the playoffs or the major leagues he has won this owner's respect. 

He also managed to pocket a cool $2431 dollars per inning pitched which is not bad work if you can get it.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Hunter HOF #'s


Just spent a little time digging into Hunter's HOF and figured these stats might be of some interest to the league and posting it here is easier than World Chat.

The HOF currently has 50 members from the 50 members here are a few key stats

There are 19 pitchers and 31 hitters in the HOF

Of the 19 pitchers ALL of them were starters with the exception of Mel Cortes who pitched as a tandem starter. There are 0 closers or relievers in the Hall.

Of the 31 pitchers here are the position break-down (the position a player played MOST games in his career are used).

1b/DH/LF/RF represent 20 of the 31 hitters, going around the diamond, I've added OPS next to everyone's names I know some have more counting stats which matters but I wanted to add something to provide context around the diamond.

C: (1) Robinson Rodrigo (.854 OPS)

1b: (7) Lou Stevenson (1.114 OPS), Rich Peters (.969 OPS), David Trinidad (.906 OPS), Ken Sisler (.934 OPS), Matt Buchanan (.978 OPS), Rondell Sandowski (1.026 OPS), Mark Iwamura (.978 OPS)

2b: (1) Mendy Clemens (.905 OPS)

3b: (4) Angel Bolivar (.899 OPS), Guillermo Sanchez (.922 OPS), Britt Perkins (.922 OPS), Felipe Sosa (.952 OPS)

SS:  (3) Alan Grimsley (.922 OPS), Eruibel Johnson (.916 OPS), Gary Morton (.850 OPS)

LF: (6) Albert Henley (1.040 OPS), Magglio Javier (1.022 OPS), Braden Cox (.943 OPS), Branch Gardner (1.049 OPS), Michael Bocachica (.903 OPS), Bredan Weekes (1.025 OPS)

CF: (2) Garret Biggio (.969 OPS), Patrick Bynum (.956 OPS)

RF: (4) Yamid Molina (.938 OPS), Frank Zhang (1.151 OPS), Bruce Kaufman (.923 OPS), Ed Burks (.976 OPS)

DH: (3) Sam Wheeler (.985 OPS), Ty Langston (.951 OPS), Gene Rucker (1.028 OPS)

As I stated in the World chat I think we undervalue positions and relative to their historical peers. Alexi Garces (.950 OPS- Catcher) and Julian Pena (.908- 3b) should receive real HOF consideration

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Charter Owner Interview Series -- bjb2378

It felt necessary, given the description of his basketball prowess, to have bjb2378 be the next interviewer. Also, he's one of the most decorated players on the entire website. But mostly, it was to see if I could bait him into a response about his hardcourt playing days....

The Basics
Where do you live (feel free to go into life wandering detail here with college and everything):

I'm in a Chicago suburb and I've been in the area for most of life. I went to college in Atlanta and returned afterwards. It is very hard to leave this city despite all of its warts. Many of my friends from grade school through high school are still here plus many of my law school classmates. 

What do you do for a living?

As you'd expect from Shucky's note, I'm a lawyer too. It does seem like there is a disproportionate number of us in this game. It would be interesting to figure out why.


I have a wife and three kids. They are a handful these days, but well worth it. I hope one day to get one of them into WIS, so we can have three generations playing. The oldest is 6, so it may be a while.

What WIF games do you play?

I play HBD and HD. I like them both for different reasons. HBD was my first "love" and the depth of the game is fantastic. 

Titles (In Hunter/out of, and non-HBD titles):

33 HBD titles with 8 coming in Hunter. I don't know how many total HD titles I have won, but a fair number as well. 

Favorite rivalries:

Of course the rivalry with djbradford is #1. It is fun to beat pops in anything. But the rivalry with Jahu has been fun too because we are both long-timers in this league. More recently, MDukes has had a great team and we have had some crazy playoff series. And, I guess Shucky and VZhao, but those are more pity games...

Favorite player (if you can remember, in and out of Hunter):

This is tough. There are so many. Right now Yadiel Molina is in his final season and has won 8 Cy Young Awards. He continues the long line of great SF pitchers including Felipe Bournigal, Pete Daly, and Quentin Lary among others. In Riley, I have had a bunch too, but I won't bore you all with that.

Let's Go Deeper
Based on information from a previous WIFs interview, it would appear that you're a White Sox fan. As a fellow Chicagoan -- but a Cubs fan, living on the North Side -- how would you describe the divide between Cubs and White Sox fans? And then to a larger extent, that North Side-South Side divide?

The difference between Cubs fans and Sox fans, IMO, is that Sox fans care about the product on the field, while Cubs fans care about the product in the stands. Its tough though, Wrigley is the best beer garden in the city. (Remember beer gardens, don't those sound great right now?) (editor's note: I'm not insulted. I'm not insulted...I'm not insulted. If I keep saying it over and over, it's true, yes?)

Most fanbases don't have the...umm...fortune of experiencing multi-generational world championship droughts ended as both of our baseball teams have. What was the 2005 World Series run like for you? Has the shine of that title waned at all in the 15 years since?

The 2005 World Series was a magical time. I was at both World Series games here in Chicago and still can remember the Konerko grand slam, the Podsednik walk-off, and Jenks striking out Bagwell.

Also nice, I received a barbecue package from Shucky when his Asterisks lost that series. Couldn't have happened to a better franchise.

You mentioned BBQ from Shucky, and it made me realize hey, you moved out to the burbs, you've probably got a nice back yard out there for grilling and such now, don't you? Is puttering around the yard (and doing "manly Dad things") a good diversion for you?

We only moved last spring, so we are still settling in. Three kids makes it difficult to do anything around here. But, I have never been one of those guys who invests a day in smoking a pork shoulder or anything like that. Too much time, not enough reward. I need to focus on WIS instead...

As someone who has stepped away from WIF and recently come back, you forget about the fun of the different aspects of all the games. The extreme camaraderie of HBD is always the attraction here, but what is it about HD that keeps you active there?

The camaraderie in HD is also good, but not the same as HBD. The game, however, is lower effort, but still interesting in a different way. The recruiting model is exciting and competitive. 

Since, as of this question being sent, I've taken a 2 game lead for the #1 seed in the AL, do you have any advice for me on beating your team should we get to meet up in the ALCS?

The best way not to lose to the Night Demons is not to play us. In all seriousness, the top of our rotation is as good as it gets, but our offense is a little lacking. But, you tell me, what weaknesses do you see?

I think that, the way to beat your team is to get to load up on lefty starters against your offense and to get to the bullpen -- you're not going to do that second part easily, and probably not by scoring a ton of runs so I'd imagine an offense that is evenly balanced lefty/righty, but with as high of batting eye as possible to maybe draw as many pitches/AB as possible. 

You also had to know I was going to make you go through my team. Same Q back at you -- how do you beat the Returns?

In terms of beating your team, it seems like the answer is easy. Just pray the SimGods roll your way and you can steal a game against Kelly. Then load-up on LH bats to have a chance against your other starters and get a lead before the bullpen gets involved. I also think throwing Lefties against you will help. Now, where can I get one of those?

You got to read shucky's description of your low-post game...accurate or is he just jealous of your skills? And obviously, I have to give you the chance to describe shucky's game here as well...

I haven't played ball against Shucky in a while and he certainly described my game from 15 years ago. These days, I think it has morphed into crafty old-man game. And, Shucky is selling himself short in that regard. He was by far the best player in our class and was deadly from deep. I think a rec-league Klay Thompson may be a good comp.

I feel like with the rec-league Klay Thompson comp, you're being WAY nicer to him than he was to you...

You're right that Klay is too nice. Perhaps more of a rec league JR Smith...